TPT leverages our strong automotive industry experience, skilled staff and geographic advantage to deliver tremendous value to our clients. Serving as our clients' North American operations, TPT bridges gaps in language, culture, business practice, and geographic proximity to provide timely and cost-effective service. TPT adds value to our clients' relationships by providing:

  • Integrated management services from preproduction to end of production including product development, PPAP, production quality support, warehouse management, and JIT delivery.
  • Supply chain integration.
  • knowledge from more than 20 years of experience and expertise in automotive original equipment markets and intercontinental logistic management.
  • Trained bilingual staff on call 24/7.
  • A preloaded local branch office, thus eliminating our clients need to establish a local office and all of the associated costs.
  • A single point of contact between our Asian clients and their OE customers in North America.
  • A single point of contact between our Asian clients and their suppliers in North America.
  • Export services allowing Asian customers to consolidate their multiple payments with different terms from various vendors into one single payment to TPT.