Winning in the North American Automotive industry requires automotive suppliers from Greater China to develop agile, responsive, demand-driven supply chain solutions to meet customer requirements while maintaining lean production and minimizing costs.

These part manufacturers unfamiliar with industry requirements will struggle through a long and costly learning curve. OEMs may disqualify these suppliers due to their inability to maintain a secure supply chain and provide reliable, efficient delivery. The best way for offshore suppliers to operate competently in front of their clients is to have a local North America presence managing their supply chain.
TPT is that presence, here in North America, working with the OEMs ensuring that they are satisfied with our clients’ performance. Our services and solutions include:

  • Shipment planning and material flow coordination
    TPT assists your production planning department to develop regular production and shipment plans that ensure JIT delivery per OE customer requirements while maintaining a lean supply chain. We monitor material flow at all points along the supply chain from your manufacturing plant to your OE customer’s plants and to ensure the timely delivery of material.
  • Inventory control
    Maintaining excessive inventory ties up capital that could be used for other purposes. Maintaining low inventory increases the risk of costly expedites to meet OE customer requirements. Not fulfilling OE customer requirements could shut down a plant. TPT continuously monitors the supply chain to ensure the optimum level of inventory is maintained.
  • Importation
    TPT acts as a local United States based consignee which simplifies the import process for Chinese & Taiwanese suppliers. We also assist our clients with the proper documentation necessary to import goods into North America.
  • Cost saving initiatives
    TPT can analyze your operation to devise cost saving initiatives. We then work with the OE customer, LLP, warehouse, and others to implement those initiatives and thereby generate cost savings for our clients.
  • Daily Electronic Transmission
    TPT has a dedicated staff handing daily electronic transmission of data with the OE assembly plants. We utilize customer specific communication systems such as EDI, GMSUPPLYPOWER, Covisint, CMMS3, and SMART to ensure that our clients meet the delivery performance requirements of their OE customers.
  • Regular OE customer support
    TPT interfaces with our clients’ OE customers at both the corporate and assembly plant levels. We work with SCM, Intercontinental Logistics, CMC, Material Planning and Logistics, Purchasing, Material Flow, LLPs, and others to provide the best possible OE customer support.
  • Invoice processing
    TPT is familiar with the payment terms and conditions of the major OEMs. We assist in the preparation, review and submission of invoices to ensure timely and proper payments to our customers.
  • Collection of outstanding funds
    TPT assists our clients in the reconciliation of accounts receivable and the collection of outstanding funds.