TPT offers a full line of engineering and quality support services from initial design and development assistance to production quality support. We have experienced engineers on staff from the automotive industry to assist in meeting the exact requirements of your customers. TPT offers:

  • Design and Development Support
    TPT’s engineers work with our clients during the design and development of new programs to verify the designs are in accordance with OE customer requirements.
  • PPAP Process Support
    During the PPAP process, TPT’s engineers work with our clients’ engineers and the OE engineering department to ensure a successful, timely PPAP approval.
  • Production Launch Support
    In the launch phase, TPT works with our client, the OE engineering department and the assembly plant to complete the run-at-rates, run PTRs and initiate early production containment procedures, thereby ensuring the results are in line with OE customer requirements. 
  • Production Quality Support
    After launch, TPT serves as the OE customer required 24/7 contact window for quality issues experienced at the OE plants.