North American OEMs, seeking to reduce costs by sourcing parts in emerging economies, are increasingly trimming costs by passing along product development and supply chain management responsibility to their suppliers. Overseas suppliers often lack the reach and experience to handle the requirements of JIT delivery. The complexity of North American OEMs’ engineering and quality requirements can prove daunting for those not familiar with the process. Consequently, as the auto industry globalizes, the risk of costly supply chain failures increases.
Trans Pacific Trade (TPT) excels at bridging the gaps between automotive part manufacturers from Greater China and their North American OEM customers thereby securing the supply chain. With more than 20 years experience in automotive supply chain management, a strong network of connections in the industry and headquarters in the Motor City, TPT provides our clients with the knowledge and expertise necessary to advance in the North American automotive industry.
In the face of The Detroit 3, General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler, TPT acts as our clients’ North American operations. To our clients, we are a preloaded local branch office providing efficient, cost effective supply chain management solutions, engineering & quality support, and procurement services that ease the difficulty of doing business in North America.